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International Media Services Inc.

Santa Monica, Calif. USA

International Media Services Inc. (IMS Inc.) packages broadcast services, provides host broadcasting, production, transmission, and engineering services for sports, news, entertainment, streaming, and corporate events. Call + 1 (310) 586-9743 for your next event!


International Media Services Inc. focuses on delivering high quality broadcast services.  We know the most important action is taking place in front of the cameras and microphones.  By combining our in-house facilities, team of preferred vendors, and broadcast engineering staff, International Media Services Inc. can produce your next live broadcast, streaming, or taped event on time and on budget.  Call International Media Services Inc. at + 1 (310) 586-9743 to consult about your next event.

HD DSNG is a fully redundant MPEG IV Ku (2.4m) band uplink truck.  We have produced unilateral four camera productions from this very versatile and well planned SNG.

IMS Inc. is a provider of 4K and HD fully loaded production trucks.  Through our preferred vendors IMS Inc. offers a competitive rate for top-tier broadcast trucks that can produce television on-site or backhaul audio and video signals for full production at your MCR

The fly-away dish a 1.9 meter advent able to transmit in both Ku and C band.  The unit travels with 400 watt amps and is fully redundant with HD MPEG IV encoding.


Our creative staff have produced commercial, music video, and short form theatrical content.  Our dedicated producers, directors, production and editing personnel can assist with the conceptualization of your production.  From inception to content production, International Media Services Inc. can help you realize your vision.

Our creative producers and directors work closely with your writers to translate the verbal word to a visual one.  Our coordinating and budgeting producers strive to meet scheduling and budgetary milestones.

For your next cinematographic event, we utilize the latest digital video equipment.   Our digital video equipment includes:  a 4K Canon C300 Mark II camera, Cine Canon Prime lenses, Kino-flo lights, Lectrosonic audio, Kessler jib, and Movi M15 gimbal.

Edit your final product in one of our 4K edit or HD edit suite studios.  Our editors specialize in commercial, music video, corporate, and short-form content.


International Media Services Inc. operates several digital media platforms that showcase a variety of content. IMS Inc. can help with the promotion of your product across our platforms.  In addition, we can provide end-to-end solutions for your special event.  From conceptualization of an idea, production, and final delivery of viewers to your TV Station, Web Site, or other deliverable format, IMS Inc. is your partner.  Contact International Media Services Inc. at + 1 (310) 586-9743 for a consultation. is a premiere sports news website that provides editorial content covering global soccer personalities, matches, and breaking news.  IMS Inc. can help you increase your product awareness when you advertise your banners or video advertising. and cover breaking global news by providing VOD, text, pictures, and occassionally a live broadcast of the most important news events that shape the way we live and interact with one another on an international scale. provides content covering Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles.  For local Southern California news and events that impact Californians daily lives, is your hyper-local distribution platform that garners more than 40,000 unique views on a monthly basis.  Content on includes VOD, text, images, and the occasional live stream.  Contact IMS Inc. about live streaming your next event.