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International Media Services, Inc.

Santa Monica, California USA

Since 2003, International Media Services Inc. (IMS Inc.) has packaged broadcast services and host broadcasting solutions for the production, transmission, and engineering of sports, news, entertainment, streaming, and corporate media events. International Media Services Inc. is a media solutions provider that works globally on large and small events.  Call + 1 (310) 586-9743 for a consultation. Or send an e-mail to

Project Management for Live Sports, News, and Media Events

Your Vision combined with our Method

Built upon the foundational understanding of rightsholders and sports organization needs, International Media Services Inc. uses a hybrid approach to Media Project Management.   Employing both Waterfall and Agile Project Management practices, International Media Services Inc. helps client with long term event planning and management while reacting quickly to the inevitable changes that occur when producing Media Events globally.  Call IMS Inc. at + 1 (310) 586-9743 or email: to learn more about the IMS Inc. Project Management Way.

Host Broadcast, Engineering, RF/ASI/IP Transmission, Personnel, and Logistics

International Media Services Inc. focuses on delivering high quality broadcast services.  We know the most important action takes place in front of the cameras and microphones.  By combining our in-house facilities, team of preferred vendors, and broadcast engineering staff, International Media Services Inc. can produce your next live broadcast, streaming, or taped media event on-time and on-budget.  Call International Media Services Inc. at 1 (310) 586-9743 to consult about your next broadcast and media event.

International Media Services Inc. provides turnkey solutions for 4K and HD remote and studio productions.  Through a preferred vendor list and knowledge of professional broadcasting standards, International Media Services Inc. provides multi-camera production trucks for sports, news, streaming, and corporate events.

IMS  Inc. owns and operates a 1.8M KU Band HD DSNG.  This production ready “mobile studio” is based in Santa Monica and serves the Western USA.  Through our partners, we cover the continental USA.  UL 1 has produced multi-camera coverage of news, sports, and conferences.  We broadcast via IP, ASI, RF and IF.

The fly-away dish a a 1.9 meter advent able to transmit in either Ku and C band.  The unit travels with 400 watt amps and is fully redundant with HD MPEG IV encoding.  Our engineering staff transmitted from the USA, South America, and the Caribbean with this highly functional and dependable unit.  Perfect for out-of-the-way locations.

International Media Services LATAM, SpA

Santiago de Chile, CHILE

International Media Services LATAM, SpA was formed in 2018.  After working together on several international events, this group of broadcast professionals came together to form IMS LATAM, SpA.  IMS LATAM provides service to broadcasters and media companies in Chile and other parts of South America.  IMS LATAM owns and operates a mobile six-camera HD production unit that is based in Santiago de Chile. Our engineering staff and network of local broadcast professionals are ready to assist you.  Email to or call + (56) 99 107 0892 0892.

Content Distribution Platforms

Assisting you with the Monetization of your Content

International Media Services Inc. owns and operates digital media platforms that showcase a variety of content. IMS Inc. can help with the promotion of your content, event, or product across any of our platforms.  As a content provider you control the creation of your content.  We distribute your content on our platform to help you reach a larger audience.  From conceptualization, production, and final delivery of viewers, IMS Inc. is your partner.  Contact International Media Services Inc. at + 1 (310) 586-9743 for a consultation.

IMSoccer covers domestic and international soccer matches and the personalities that make up “The Beautiful Game”.  Our viewership consistently reaches 175,000 uniques a month.  IMSoccer is a global site that reaches beyond borders and offers advertisers a chance to reach a highly targeted audience.

IMSports reaches an audience of 200,000 viewers each month.  Our clientele is interested in professional sporting teams that play in Southern California.  IMSports covers professional sporting organizations offering our clients unique and in-depth looks at professional sports personalities.

Media Events We Helped Produce and Broadcast

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